7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Business Page

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Facebook business pages, or ‘fan pages’, are becoming more and more popular for businesses looking to attract new leads and potential clients. Why? It works! Listed below are 7 reasons why every business should have a Facebook business page. 1 – Facebook business pages are indexed by Google. Just like a regular website, business pages on Facebook can be searched for and found by Google. 2 – Any one can visit your business page. These pages are available for the general pubic to access, not just registered users of Facebook. Yes, there are many people who are NOT on Facebook. 3 – Send notifications easily. Messages or posts you make to your page about new products, services or information sends an automatic notice to everyone who has ‘Liked’ your page. 4 – You have the control. Change the content of your page, edit or remove unwanted SPAM, create custom landing pages or send a message to your group when ever you like. 5 – Word of mouth. When someone ‘Likes’ or joins a business page, it is published on their wall and automatically to all of their friends’ home page news feed. This gives you instant access to hundreds of people each time someone ‘Likes’ your page. We all know there is no better referral than word of mouth. 6 – Increase your ranking. If you are looking for ways to increase your website’s search engine ranking, a Facebook business page can help. By adding links from your business page to your website and vice versa, with each posting you are increasing the number of links to and from your website. Something that Google takes into consideration when determining how your website ranks with each search listing. 7 – Its FREE! Creating a business pages takes only a few minutes of your time. Register the page, add information about your company, upload a photo or company logo and you’re done! If you like, ask a social media specialist about creating a custom landing page to give your business page an added professional touch if you are not familiar or uncomfortable with FBML.



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