Ignoring social media can hurt your business

Posted by on October 19, 2010 in Business Management, Online Marketing, Services, Social Media, Social Media Assistant | 0 comments

People are online using various forms of social media to talk about everything. They talk about other people and they talk about businesses including their products and services. People are possibly online right now talking about your business, product or service but if you’re not monitoring this activity, how do you really know for sure?  Think about a positive experience you had with a business. If it was a great experience who else did you talk to about it and how? Maybe you had a negative experience. If so, chances are you shared that experience with everyone you know just to make them aware of what happened in order to bring attention to it and ensure it didn’t happen again to someone else. You may have talked to people in person, on the phone or maybe even sent an email. Maybe you noticed a conversation on Facebook about a similar topic and shared your experience that way. If so, you just used social media to talk about a business and their product or service! Social media is the interaction of millions of people who are all taking part in numerous conversations, including those sharing their experiences with businesses – the good and the bad. Using social media as a way to monitor what is being said about you and to utilize it as another way to provide customer service are only a sampling of the benefits social media can provide your business. The ways in which people are communicating are changing. More people are using sites like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with each other rather than sending an email or even making a phone call. Social media might be ok to ignore today, but with how rapidly the style of communication is changing, you will be left behind very soon. Your current customers, potential customers and your competitors are all online making use of this extremely beneficial, and FREE, business tool. Your business should be too.

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