New Facebook Page Layout & Tab Changes

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Earlier this month Facebook started rolling out a streamlined look for pages in order to be more consistent with the personal profile design. Something to keep in mind is that the redesign of personal profiles happened over a year ago so the layout change to business pages is really something we’re already used to. It was just a matter of time before the same design was applied to business pages. Most of the changes are cosmetic with Facebook moving information into different places. The one change that many people are talking about is the disappearance of Facebook tabs.

Changes Overview

Single Column Format for Posts: The right-side column of your timeline now displays all your page’s posts. This one-column display means that all of your posts will appear consistently on your page and in the news feed. No more bouncing from left to right in order to read posts. facebook right column Left Column for Business Info: The left-side column of your timeline features information about your business, including page likes, a map (if you have one), business hours, phone number and website URL, photos and videos. facebook left column Easier Access to Admin Tools: Instead of the admin panel that pushed everything down. You can access information no matter where you are on your page. New likes, notifications, insights, settings, build audience and help are all accessible across the top. If you run Facebook ads you can also access information about the ads you’re running from here as well. Facebook admin menu On the right hand side of the cover image is a new section called This Week. Here you can get an overview of the number of ads running, page likes and post reach for the current week, number of unread notifications. Tabs: Page tabs no longer exist as image boxes immediately below your cover photo. They are now simply words with access to additional Tabs from the “More” drop-down. facebook tabs The tabs have so far been the one change that is causing the most uproar because many businesses have paid to have the images for these tabs created. While these tabs may have been valuable for making a first impression when a user come to your page for the first time something to keep in mind is that only 2% - 5% of page fans return to any business page they’ve liked. So if you don’t drive traffic to these tabs, they make very little impact. The success of tabs, whether they are an image or in a pull-down menu, was and will continue to be your ability to drive traffic to them. In order to gain attention to any business page you must post several times a day. Engage with those who already like your page, keep the communication going, encourage new likes, share information, and bring attention to the custom tabs that have been created. What do you think about these changes? Which do you think is most important?

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