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Social media isn’t just something that kids play around with anymore. It has become a vital part of any company’s marketing plan. Someone had the brilliant idea of taking a Facebook “fan page” and turning it into a business page to create sales leads and drive traffic to their website. That one person, by doing one simple act, sparked a whole new way of using Facebook. Below is a list of some facts that you may or may not know about social media:
  • Facebook outnumbered Google as the most visited site in March 2010?
  • That it took television 13 years to reach 50 million users and Facebook 6 years to reach 500 million users!
  • That social media is the #1 activity online outranking porn? (it’s true!!)
  • The fastest growing group using Facebook are women aged 55-65 years old?
  • That more than half of all consumers consult an online community prior to making a purchase?
  • That most Twitter users are over the age of 35?
  • That as of May 2010 Twitter had an average of 2 BILLION tweets per month?
Having a website to provide information about your product or service is great, as long as people know how to find it. Social marketing is an excellent tool for creating ‘buzz’ for your business, product or service. In addition to traditional advertising and marketing, you must have an online presence. In this virtual age it just is not an option anymore - it's a necessity. If you’d like more information on the benefits of social media marketing or to find out how our services can assist your business, please see visit our website.

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