Social Media Username Consistency – YES!

Posted by on June 27, 2012 in Online Marketing, Social Media, Tips | 0 comments

Imagine're beginning to create social profiles for yourself or your business and have spent a great deal of time coming up with a clever username. You log into the first social site, find your username is available, get all excited and create your profile. Next you visit another social site and find again that the name is available, you think “Yay!” and happily create your profile. Then you visit the third social site only to find that someone else has already taken your carefully thought out username. “How dare they?” you may think and now you're left with having to think up another username that is similar to your first brilliant creation. You may get lucky on the first try or it may take five or six attempts leaving you resenting the person who dared to take your username. Ok, maybe this is a little exaggerated but it is something that causes some people a lot of frustration when beginning to create an online brand across many social profiles. The art of social media username consistency. If you're a bit of a control freak like me, you want all of your usernames to be the same right across the board. At least as much as possible. Fortunately, there is an online tool that will help and best of all it is FREE. NameChk is a free site that checks username availability on 159 social sites at the push of a button. Simply type in your desired username to see on what sites that name is available. By spending a little time researching username availability can possibly save yourself some frustration down the road. Once you have determined that your username is available on the social sites you want to use, get in there and snag them before anyone else does. You don't have to make each profile perfect right away if you're not ready for that yet but at least you can sleep at night knowing that your username is secure, ready and waiting for when you are.

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